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The go-to subject


is an essential element in a sketch artist’s life.

It is something or someone that we mindlessly and repetitively draw all the time, an easily accessible model that has offered itself unequivocally to Art. I have friends who fill their sketchbook’s pages with drawings of inanimate objects such as vegetables, dinosaur toys, shoes and crockeries and this arrangement is simple because a potato couldn’t possibly have an opinion unless it’s playing a crabby spud in Toy Story. Then of course, we know how it feels.

But if you’re after a sentient being, ask yourself as I have – who is that person that can stand endless hours of gawking, isn’t fidgety, holds a pose just long enough and doesn’t flinch even when the image you created is a travesty, in fact – and this is important and also a bonus – can find creative ways to offer approval ?

For me, it is this guy below, although he’s still working on the ‘offering approval’ part as I am on my drawling skills.