The second last page

Lately I’ve been sketching on loose sheets a lot, which is why my precious Moleskine was neglected for a while. However after our little catch up, I’m on the brink of completion. We’re about to part ways. I filled out the second last page of my sketchbook and it feels special, more special than the last page ever will, because I still get to carry it one more time, flip through and reminisce about our journey!

Clark Quay

Clarke Quay. The building beyond the bridge with the red roof top is the Parliament House

This stretch above was sketched at Clarke Quay – the go to destination for active night life on this island. Strobe lights, thumping music and throngs of evening revellers drinking, eating, dancing, bar hopping  is the picture after sun down. In the early mornings however, the place hosts the sketchers and the caretakers – sweepers, cleaners, gardeners and so on. Irrespective of the time of the day I choose to visit, Singapore River’s monumental transformation from a gritty trading post lined with godowns and warehouses till late 20th century into this dazzling entertainment precinct never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, spare a thought when you visit next!




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